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Penis Size

I find it deeply disturbing that I see massive amounts of advertisements across the net for penis enlargement. What is most disturbing is the fact that people who desire to make money are preying on one of men’s biggest vulnerabilities and fears to simply make money. In addition to that they are promoting an unhealthy, inaccurate perception in our society that having a really big penis is one of the most important factors to sex, relationships and women. This simply is not true.
penis-sizeThis massive campaign to make money is making men feel inadequate and uncomfortable. It is falsely promoting a view that a big penis is what makes a man desirable. It is setting up an ideal and expectations for men that are really impossible to live up to. The average size of a penis is 5-7 inches, some people are bigger than this, and some people are smaller than this. Whatever you have been born with, that is the way that nature intended it and therefore it is adequate and satisfactory.
These continual advertisements are also giving men the inaccurate perception that they must increase their penis size because that is what women want. This is absurd. What is most important to a woman is what kind of lover you are, what kind of person you are and how you treat her. Being unselfish and meeting her needs sexually and emotionally will make you a great lover in her eyes. If you have a penis that 10 inches long and you are selfish or don’t know how to meet your womans needs then your size is completely irrelevant. You do not need a big penis to be an incredible lover and satisfy your woman. Yes, for some women more girth and length do feel incredibly good, but there are many ways to achieve this with her lover.
If she does enjoy the feel of more girth and length than you have been endowed with or if you both want to play and experiment then you can always add something such as a dildo, vibrator or even something like a zucchini out of the fridge to give her the added sensation. Doing these things together will enhance the experience for both of you. Using one of these options on her vaginally while stimulating her clitoris orally will give her exquisite pleasure. Adding a variety of positions and being adventurous such as doing it in a new location will also be very pleasurable. You can also purchase a penis ring (cock ring) from most any adult toy store to add to your sexual adventure. The penis ring placed along the base of the penis restricts the flow of blood out of the penis and can increase size and hardness. It can also prolong the erection. Many men find that they experience a more intense pleasurable orgasm with the use of a penis ring
But most important to remember is that intercourse is only one way of satisfying a woman. The majority of women cannot orgasm with intercourse alone anyhow regardless of how big your penis is. Pleasuring your woman with your hands and your mouth can be just as satisfying, if not more so, than intercourse. Being attentive to your woman’s body and mind will enhance her experience. Making your woman feel, special, cherished, appreciated and desired will make sex great for her.

Improve Your Sex Life

Any new activity often feels uncomfortable for us at first. If trying the things I suggest is new territory to you, then it is likely you may feel shy or embarrassed. That is natural and the way to overcome this is just by moving forward anyhow. After several attempts it will get easier and in time it will be no effort at all as you will be enjoying an ecstatic new sex life and anxious to try more. The goal of these techniques is to create deep soul-satisfying sex.
1. Take a shower with your lover and use your hands as the washrag. Soap them up and explore every inch, nook and cranny of their body. Including the nose, ears, fingers and toes. Savor them as if they were a fine a wine. This will elicit erotic, sensual, spiritual physical energy in both of you and will also serve as a tool to help you learn invaluable information about one another’s bodies.
2. Look your lover deep in the eyes while making love. Although this may feel threatening or uncomfortable at first, if you practice, it will increase feelings of closeness and intimacy and take you to new heights of intensity.
3. Express your love, appreciation and care during your lovemaking with sentences such as this: “I love you”, “I care for you so much”, “You feel so good”, “You are so beautiful”.
Speak to your lover from the depths of your soul. This will intensify the impact of your words. Caress your lover with words.
4. Communicate erotically with your lover during sex. Tell them when it feels good and tell them when you see it is good for them. Using sentences such as this:
“It really excites me to see your nipples erect when I touch them.”
“It turns me on when I hear you moan while I lick you.”
“I love how you feel when you get hard in my hand”
“You are a wonderful lover”
“It makes me feel really wet when you do that”
“Oh I can see you are getting really wet from this”
“Mmmm you taste so sweet.”
5. Let your lover know with erotic words how to please you better using sentences such as this: “Oh that is wonderful, but my nipples need some attention now.”
“That feels great but could you move a little slower or a little faster or up or down, whatever the case may be”
“Oh that is fantastic, but it will be even better if you touch here” and then guide your lovers hand where you need them to be.
“I love to kiss you. I would like you to kiss me like this” and then demonstrate what you want.
6. Be present in the here and now and allow yourself to become immersed completely in the experience. Fully experience each touch, sensation, smell, movement, sound and taste while you are making love.
7. Explore your own body and discover what you like and what you don’t like. Find out what excites you. Find what feels good and what doesn’t. Make love with yourself. Allow your partner to watch you masturbate. Keeping in mind two things, one is that the very act of watching each other will be arousing, men especially find this extremely arousing and also use this as a way to learn how each of you want to be touched and what is pleasing to one another.
8. Be unselfish in your lovemaking. Be selfless(meaning your goal is the pure desire to give your partner the pleasure they desire) don't take each other for granted. This is easy to do if you have been together for awhile and essential to stop to keep the passion alive. If you have begun to take each other for granted you can rekindle the passion by simply engaging in selfless beheavior. Always tend to your partners needs as well as yours and you will be considered a good lover.
9. Take erotic pictures of one another or for each other. You can take some and surprise your lover by sticking one on the mirror or in their lunch box, or sneak it onto their desk at work with a little note, telling them what you are going to do them when they get home, or try videotaping your lovemaking. It can be very arousing to perform in front of the camera. You can make a game out of it and role- play you are a naked model if that is a fantasy. You can also make a video of yourself masturbating and give it to your lover as a gift or a present.
10. Share your fantasies with your lover. Find mutually arousing fantasies and use them to heighten arousal, by telling them to each other while making love. Try writing about your fantasies and leaving one on your lover’s pillow or in their car as a surprise.
11. Get naked outside and make wild passionate love. I don’t believe there is anything more arousing and spiritual than to be naked outside and to make love with the feel of the elements upon your body. It feels very freeing and elicits uninhibited passions. It gets you in touch in with the primal basics.
12. Spend one lovemaking session devoted entirely to your lover. Make them feel very special and cherished. Do everything you know they love. Pamper, savor and satisfy them completely. Give her the best pussy lickin she ever had or the best fellatio he ever had.
13. Touch your lovers face while making love and during foreplay. This increases intimacy and ignites deeper passion.
14. Try some new toys. Adult sex toys found at any adult store or many adult store sites on the net can be very fun and enhance your sexual experience. By using a clitoris stimulator on your woman while penetrating her or on her anus can intensify orgasms to magnificent levels. The stimulator can also be very arousing to stimulate the shaft, scrotum and anus of the male. The stimulator is only one possibility and there are numerous toys out there for both sexes that can be used for enhancement. You can also be very creative and find a variety of toys that exist in your refrigerator in your crisper drawer, such as carrots, zucchinis, and cucumbers that can be very fun and stimulating.
15. The anus is often overlooked as an area of erotic arousal because of out-dated societal messages. The truth is that the anus is a very sensual, erotic and arousing area of the body for both genders. Incorporating either anal play or anal sex into your sex life can bring you some out of this world sensual pleasure that you didn’t know existed. By itself it can be a great source of ecstasy or using it with other activities can increase the satisfaction of particular activities. For example: The woman lies on her stomach and rubs her clitoris while her partner has anal sex with her from behind. This can create a mind-blowing orgasm for a woman.
16. Pay attention to when and what your lover responds to and learn what they need and like. Store it in your mind and be sure to attend to those in future activities. Don’t just do the things that feel good for you or what you enjoy.
17. Role Play. Dress up like another person with a wig and talk to your partner as if you were someone else. Talk in a way that is not your norm. Talk dirty. Meet like casual dates in a hotel bar or some other place and play out some of your fantasies. For example: a common fantasy is to have sex with a bad girl or to be a bad girl. Be that bad girl for a short time.
18. Give your lover an erotic coupon or invitation. For example: Write on a piece of paper and give to your lover as a gift for their birthday or anniversary or just as a surprise after a long day. “This coupon entitles you to one evening of Mind Blowing Sex” or “This coupon entitles you to one evening of complete and total attention to your sexual needs only, I am your love slave here to do as you command.” or “Meet me in the bedroom(hotel) for the best lovemaking of your life” (or if you prefer harder words-the best blow job) whatever you’re in the mood for.
19. Take turns massaging each other. Softly, tenderly and lingeringly over every part of the body. Don’t allow yourself to engage in sex. Just concentrate on the touch and the sensation of being touched. Occasionally tease, by softly massaging the breasts, genitals, or buttocks and then moving on to another body part. Allow the passion to mount and finish each massage before allowing it to progress to foreplay or activity.
20. Surprise your lover with something unusual and kinky. Yes Kinky! Be outrageous and adventurous. Show up at work naked under your coat and flash them. Send them an invitation to a hotel for a hot night of sex. Role play one of your fantasies. Tell them you must have them at some unusual spot for you and take them. Women try not wearing your panties and bra and go through your daily activities. Not having a bra and panties on is very stimulating. It will make you feel very sexy and erotic. Tell your partner that you aren't wearing any and you will also have them very aroused by the thought of it.
21. Try new and exciting positions or activities. There are numerous books and videos that can teach you new positions or be creative and use your imagination. Try having sex in different places of the house or in a bathroom at the gas station or some other place that is very exciting for you where you won’t get caught. Keep a lot of variety in your positions and activities and you will never be bored. As the saying goes “Variety is the spice of Life” This is way to keep the variety and spice and still remain monogamous couple.
22. Watch an erotic video together or read erotic stories. I’m not talking about porn here, there are many respectful erotic videos and erotic stories which are about lovemaking.
23. Spend an entire day naked. Take a whole day and just lay around naked or go about your daily house activities naked. Play and tease with erotic movements in front of your lover. Make love several times when the mood hits. Or spend the entire day outside naked in a private area, making love several times on a blanket or bent over a tree or wherever the wind may take you.
24. Be playful and maintain a playful attitude. As adults we forget how to play. If we can retain some of our childhood playfulness, our lives will be much fuller and happier. Make your sex fun and playful. You can even play games like traditional ones such as strip poker or pin the tail on the donkey with a new twist of course or be creative and make up some of your own.
25. Communication at all times in the relationship will enhance the sexual experience. Discuss your feelings, needs, desires, fears, embarrassments, expectations, in and out of the bedroom in regard to all aspects of the relationship. Good communication will increase intimacy and greater intimacy will lead to greater sex. Express your love and appreciation on a regular basis outside of the bedroom.


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